One Ojai is "The 1st Model ONE Global Village!"

We are coming together as ONE, each and every individual and organization/business in Ojai.

Our "heart" & home base, can be considered as Libbey Park, by the fountain.

Our goal is to continue to grow, in the minds and hearts of the people of Ojai, to the point in which we are all aligned in this mission of cooperation, and co-creation of our own little paradise here, Ojai, & The Ojai Valley.

You say "it already is paradise!" We agree. That's why we've chosen Ojai as the 1st ONE Global Village! So let's come together and celebrate! Each and every Sunday, at Libbey Park, by the fountain, 3-6pm for Drum Circle / Love Jam! Bring your instruments, hula hoops, dancing shoes, and if you'd like, bring a food item to share, or a free item for our Really Really Free Market! Or come prepared to showcase what it is that you do, your passion, your purpose, with your fellow community members.

We have Visions, and we have Plans, but it's not about us here, it's all about ALL OF US as ONE, and each and every individual and organization/business being heard, and doing their part.

So we ask that when you come together at the park on Sundays, or attend the Farmers Market, or come together at other great events in town, be prepared to meet your neighbors, and to share your visions for Ojai.

We will be bringing in systems/structures for the unfolding of our little paradise, over the next few months, and we seek to fulfill this mission by the end of 2016.

Keep tuning in to One Ojai, here at the website, or via our Facebook Page, & Group.

If you would like to be a Contributor here at the website, just let us know via the Contact Us!

Thank you so much,

~ One Ojai