Sunday, August 28, 2016


I am 10000% interested in living in an eco-community! :) <3 br="">
I have been putting this intention out the world, in a big, big way!

There will be waves of new, beautiful, conscious, "active" / "community-focused" global game changers, coming to Ojai...

The call is for communities to form, and grow.. Ranches, farms, houses, apartments, and more! ...

I am ready live in such a community, and am ready to help in any way needed..

A few websites of ours are and ....

There are also 5, 10, 20 of our core leaders, of about 100 web platform/ solutions builders for completion of Paradise On Earth in the next months/years, that are living spread out, and we wish to bring us all together, to complete the new intra (inner) net :) <3 br="">
... We are bringing back the village in Ojai and the Valley with One Ojai (The 1st One Global Village), we have the One Love Experience festival/gathering coming up October 7-9, we are broadcasting solutions to the world to bring the complete shift with ease and grace (especially at One Love), and unfolding our Transformational Village Tours movement visioning, and plans at the One Love, and then spending October to April raising our sponsorships/ monies to go on our West Coast Tour, caravan style, all expenses paid, and an income, for Summer 2017, then cross country tours Summer 2018, and 6 continental tours Summer 2019.

Check out the Blueprints for our Eco/Community Cooperative Village & Education Center here:
<3 br="">
<3 br="">And this land!
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